International Chess Tournament Ideon Andron 2014


3nd International Chess Tournament of Anogia “IDEON ANDRON”


  ORGANIZERS: Anogia Chess Club, Heraklio Chess Club.

CO-ORGANIZERS: Municipality of Anogia, Region of Crete, Hersonissos Chess Academy, Sport Club N. Alikarnassou “Nei Irodotou”, Chess Club “Leon” Candia, N. G. C. Heraklio, P.AO. Kroussonas

PLAYING SYSTEM: Swiss FIDE  9 (nine) rounds.

PLAYING VENUE:     Piraeus Bank’s Hall, Anogia – Crete.


Confirmation of Participation: Wednesday, 30-7-2014   15.30 – 16.15

Opening Ceremony:   Wednesday,     30-7-2014             16.30

1st Round:        Wednesday      30-7-2014              17.00

2nd Round:        Thursday          31-7-2014              10.00

3rd Round:        Thursday           31-7-2014              17.00

4th Round:        Friday                1-8-2014                17.00

5th Round:       Saturday            2-8-2014                17.00

6th Round:       Sunday              3-8-2014                17.00

7th Round:       Monday            4-8-2014                17.00

8th Round:       Tuesday             5-8-2014               17.00

9th Round:       Wednesday      6-8-2014               10.00

ClosingCeremonyWednesday, 17-7-2013      17.00

Time Control:  90 min for 40 moves + 30min + 30sec per move from the first move. Players that do not show up for their game after one (1) hour from the official start of a round are be forfeited. 


General fee 40€. This fee does not apply for players over 2300 international rating (women 2100). For players under 18 years old and members of the clubs of the organizers the participation fee is 30€. For players coming from abroad the participation fee can be paid during the confirmation of participations. In this case an email to should be sent where the full data of the participants should be mentioned (Full name, Int. Rating, Nationality, Title, Fide ID).

PRIZES (Total 2800 €):

1st winner:          1000€

2nd winner:           700€

3rd winner:            400€

4th winner:           200€

5th-6th  winner :  200€ (2Χ100)

7th-10th winner:    200€ (4Χ50)

1st woman:  100 euros


TIE BREAKS: Following tiebreaks:  1) Sum of progressive scores, 2) Number of victories, 3) Bucholtz. In case of tie the money prizes are split equally. The player that claims more than one award is receiving ONLY the biggest.


ACCOMODATION: For limited amount of players (40) with international rating over 2000 it is provided FREE accommodation (in double or triple room with no meal included)


Information – Participation : email: Tel: 0030 6972857752 (Mr. Manolis Ntagiantas), 0030 6973988346 (Mr. Michalis Ntagiantas) or  0030 6937880733 (Mr. Kostas Klokas).


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